Monthly Archives: May 2018

Understanding the Uniform Commercial Code

To properly manage US businesses, the government provides a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governing commercial dealings. The regulations encompass nearly all fields of business transactions, excluding real estate. The UCC’s legal rules ensure uniformity of business dealings across the country by creating a standard procedures manual. The codes will help guide your business transactions, especially [...]

2019-07-18T11:04:05-05:00May 14th, 2018|Business Law, Commercial Transactions|

The Corporate Dissolution Process

Many business owners decide to dissolve their companies instead of selling when they face financial problems. Each business situation is different, and there are many factors to consider when choosing dissolution. Business owners and board members should always seek legal counsel before beginning the process. A Corporate Dissolution If a company does not require bankruptcy [...]

2018-08-02T11:57:01-05:00May 9th, 2018|Business Law|
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