Monthly Archives: April 2019

Breach of Contract Damages: What Should I Expect to Recover (or Pay)?

In a breach of contract case, one or both sides claim that the other party involved in the agreement has failed to live up to the terms of the contract. There are several types of damages that an aggrieved party can receive for breach of contract claims, including restitution, specific performance, rescission, and general damages. [...]

How to Protect Your Commercial Real Estate from Squatters

For commercial real estate owners, squatters can be a significant nuisance. They can damage property, lower property values, and can even jeopardize your ownership rights. In certain circumstances, allowing squatters on your real estate property might even mean being forced to legally treat them as tenants and giving them notice for eviction, even if the [...]

2019-06-04T12:43:47-05:00April 15th, 2019|Real Estate|
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