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Partnership Disputes

Disputes between business partners can have a debilitating impact on productivity, employee morale and, ultimately, the company’s bottom line. When partnership disputes arise, it is important that they are resolved in the most efficient and effective manner possible. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help to facilitate a workable resolution.

The business litigation attorneys at Bennett, Weston, LaJone & Turner, P.C., provide insightful, results-oriented representation to Texas clients on both sides of complex internal business disputes. They understand the dynamics that go into a successful partnership and the disputes that can tear one apart. The firm has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to obtain positive results that protect its clients’ interests and preserve the critical relationships between business partners.

Seeking the Most Beneficial Outcome Available For Every Client
After gaining a complete understanding of the dispute, the firm’s Dallas-based lawyers pursue every available option in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome for their clients. They work to help the partners find a middle ground that leads to an amicable solution. If an amicable solution cannot be negotiated, the attorneys will not hesitate to take the matter to court.

The firm has helped its clients resolve a wide variety of disputes, including those involving:

  • Disagreements over day-to-day operations
  • Compensation and other financial matters
  • Ownership shares
  • Hiring and firing decisions
  • Philosophical differences
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