Business Planning

Legal Considerations for Startups

With our recent economic expansion and favorable regulatory and tax environments, Texas has become an excellent starting place for new businesses. Startups have an excellent opportunity for growth in the state, but there are still plenty of legal issues to consider. Here, we’ll go over a few of the key legal considerations startups should take [...]

Commercial Lease Negotiation Pitfalls

Signing a business contract, such as a commercial lease, can be stressful. You are committing to a payment schedule over a long period of time. Selecting office space for your business is one of the most important contracts you’ll sign.  Here are some commercial lease negotiation pitfalls and red flags to look out for and [...]

Partnership Agreement Types

  You might think the arrangement you have with your business partner is just fine the way it is, with a handshake agreement, and your business plan on a napkin.  You work well together, agree on most things, and share a common vision and Texas-sized enthusiasm for your business.  What could possibly go wrong? Texas [...]

Business Plans?

Many small business owners start their businesses without a business plan and continue in business for many years using the seat-of-the-pants theory of management. On the other hand, there are large companies that have troops of employees and consultants trying to prepare for the future. When a person starts a business, he or she has [...]

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