Commercial Transactions

Understanding the Uniform Commercial Code

To properly manage US businesses, the government provides a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governing commercial dealings. The regulations encompass nearly all fields of business transactions, excluding real estate. The UCC’s legal rules ensure uniformity of business dealings across the country by creating a standard procedures manual. The codes will help guide your business transactions, especially [...]

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The Commercial Eviction Process

Both lessor and lessee can be negatively impacted by a poor commercial lease situation. These situations may in one way or another necessitate the eviction of the lessee, and it’s important for members of both parties to be aware of the legal process that must be followed. Lockout Landlords have a statutory right to lockout [...]

Texas Commercial Foreclosure & Tenants’ Rights

When signed the lease and moved into your office space, you probably had little concern that the building you office in might end up in commercial foreclosure. But it could. Foreclosure, whether commercial or residential, is the last course of action in the event a borrower defaults on a mortgage.   Do you know your rights [...]

Commercial Lease Negotiation Pitfalls

Signing a business contract, such as a commercial lease, can be stressful. You are committing to a payment schedule over a long period of time. Selecting office space for your business is one of the most important contracts you’ll sign.  Here are some commercial lease negotiation pitfalls and red flags to look out for and [...]

Partnership Agreement Types

You might think the arrangement you have with your business partner is just fine the way it is, with a handshake agreement, and your business plan on a napkin.  You work well together, agree on most things, and share a common vision and Texas-sized enthusiasm for your business.  What could possibly go wrong? Texas Partnership [...]

The importance of planning for business emergencies

Most Texas entrepreneurs know about the importance of writing business plans for their start-up companies. Entrepreneurs also should plan for what will need to be done if things do not go as planned or if emergencies occur. In this contingency plan, the ultimate goal is to understand what will be necessary for business survival in [...]

Uniform Codes

With 5o states, the District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, each with its own set of laws and courts, doing business in the United States could be very confusing if there were not some regularity in the laws.  Some regularity comes from the fact that 49 of the states [...]

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