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Transferring Mineral Rights in Texas

Owning property. It’s an integral part of the American dream. You can survey your property and proudly declare that this expanse of land is yours. Legally, ownership of that expanse of land is known as surface rights, which includes anything atop it, such as structures, trees and foliage. Ownership of what’s under the land is [...]

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Legal Documents Every College Student Needs

Legal Documents Every College Student Needs Tell a college student that they should be thinking about something other than grades, parties or football games, and you might get a blank stare. But in the event a student suffers a devastating injury, illness or death, it’s important that they have the following legal documents in place [...]

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Legal Issues Arising After Natural Disasters

Over the last couple of months, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have dominated the news. Now wildfires are sweeping through Northern California, and have displaced to date more than 20,000 citizens. Damages from these events are estimated to total upwards of $65 billion. Secondary to the tragic loss of life that has occurred as a [...]

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Divorce & Business Ownership

No one knows what the future holds and business owners must take precautions to plan and prepare for even unlikely events that could affect the company in the future.  If you are owner or part owner of a business and you are married, have you considered how a divorce could affect your business?  The business [...]

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Ponzi Schemes Are Still Around

You would think after Bernie Madoff, no one would ever fall for it again, but that is just not the case. There have been stories on at least a half-dozen different Ponzi schemes in the news in recent weeks. In a Ponzi Scheme investment fraud, the perpetrator of the fraud guarantees investors high returns on [...]

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Post Mortem Tax Planning for Couples

Post-mortem tax planning refers to the arrangements an individual makes prior to death to minimize the overall tax liability of their estate, and the steps followed by the executor later to ensure the decedent’s goal is achieved.  Even with diligent efforts to keep up with changes in tax laws, sometimes it is simply not possible [...]

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Supervised Visitation in Texas

The goal of supervised visitation is to keep both parents involved in the lives of their children while ensuring the children’s physical and emotional safety. Supervised visitation is a court order issued when one parent has some form of emotional, mental or physical condition that might make an unsupervised visitation unsafe for the child(ren). The [...]

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Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Spousal maintenance and alimony are often used interchangeably, and in essence, are the same thing. However, under Texas law, there are actually two separate types of alimony: spousal maintenance and contractual alimony. Two Types of Spousal Maintenance Spousal maintenance is court-mandated support from one spouse to the other after a divorce, and it is intended [...]

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Advance Directives 101

An advance directive is any type of legal document that outlines your wishes regarding your medical care or treatment before such treatment becomes necessary. The advance directive becomes effective should you become unable to make important medical decisions for yourself. Importance of Advance Directives There are many medical treatments that require patient approval before they [...]

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Probating a Will in Texas

At the passing of a loved one, friends and family experience a wide range of emotions. Concern and confusion over how to handle the administration of the decedent’s estate may be among them. Is there a will? Is it a legal will? What happens to the assets? How do the bills get paid? Here, we’ll [...]

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