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Legal Issues Arising After Natural Disasters

Over the last couple of months, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have dominated the news. Now wildfires are sweeping through Northern California, and have displaced to date more than 20,000 citizens. Damages from these events are estimated to total upwards of $65 billion. Secondary to the tragic loss of life that has occurred as a [...]

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Texas Commercial Foreclosure & Tenants’ Rights

When signed the lease and moved into your office space, you probably had little concern that the building you office in might end up in commercial foreclosure. But it could. Foreclosure, whether commercial or residential, is the last course of action in the event a borrower defaults on a mortgage.   Do you know your rights [...]

Land Use & Zoning Laws

If you’ve traveled anywhere in the state of Texas, you’ve probably noticed that real estate zoning is handled on a city by city basis. One trip to Houston, which holds the distinction as the only major American city that lacks zoning, and it becomes very apparent. It’s not uncommon to see businesses next door to [...]

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Buying a Home is Very Stressful

Buying a home is very stressful.  The process is complicated and the documents to understand are numerous and confusing.  Your dream house can easily become a nightmare even before you own the house. Real estate agents owe fiduciary duties to the party they represent, but it sometimes seems like an agent is more interested in [...]

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