The importance of planning for business emergencies

Most Texas entrepreneurs know about the importance of writing business plans for their start-up companies. Entrepreneurs also should plan for what will need to be done if things do not go as planned or if emergencies occur. In this contingency plan, the ultimate goal is to understand what will be necessary for business survival in [...]

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The importance of trademarks for brand identity

Trademarks are very important for entrepreneurs who want to protect their brand. “Brand identity" can be difficult to define, but its importance to a company cannot be over-emphasized. This is particularly true with regard to consumer products. For example, how much business does McDonald’s get because its identity is well recognized through its name and [...]

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Assessing security risks with mergers and acquisitions

When Texas business owners are interested in merging with or acquiring another business, it is important that they conduct a thorough analysis of the other company. As can be seen with high profile transactions such as the Yahoo acquisition, an important issue must be the security of each company’s computer systems. While security is never [...]

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Does your business have a valid non-compete agreement?

Employees are a key to a successful business. No matter how good the product, the inability to do something with the product eliminates the value of a product. The perfect example is found in the movie industry. If you interested in watching a suspense movie, would you choose a movie with Mike Myers or Denzel [...]

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Well Drafted Contracts form the backbone of successful business relationships

There are contracts and there are contracts. Many contracts are entered with every understanding well documented, other contracts are entered into without a single word being written and others are written but are not clear or have important agreements omitted. Most of these contracts succeed, but if circumstances change or a disagreement arises, the consequences [...]

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