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Lis Pendens Liens

Lis Pendens Liens
While a lis pendens lien may not fully prevent a property from being bought or sold, it makes it very difficult to complete a successful real estate transaction on a timely basis. Whether you want to file a lawsuit regarding a title or you want to clear a lis pendens lien to facilitate a purchase or sale, an experienced lawyer can help you protect your property rights.

At the law offices of Bennett, Weston, LaJone & Turner, our Dallas lis pendens lien attorneys can help you address any real estate title and litigation concerns. With 9 lawyers having more than 30 years of business and real estate law experience, we understand how to clear up title disputes and we have the resources to protect our clients in court. Contact us today to find out how you can protect your rights.

Filing or Defending Against a Lis Pendens Lien
When someone wants to file a lawsuit regarding a piece of real estate or a real estate title, the first step is to file a lis pendens lien with the local real estate records office. This serves as a notice to other parties with an interest in the property, including potential buyers, leasers or investors. A lis pendens lien will make it very difficult to close any real estate transactions. We represent Texas businesses that need to:

  • File a lis pendens lien: If you are going to file a lawsuit on a piece of property, filing the lien may safeguard against any title transfers before your dispute is resolved.
  • Expunge a lis pendens lien: If a lien has been placed against your property, we can take steps on your behalf and have it expunged.

Real Estate Litigation and Lis Pendens
Whether you have filed a lis pendens lien or one has been placed against property you own, a lawsuit will follow. With an extensive real estate litigation practice, we can protect your rights from the moment the lien is followed all the way to court.

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