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Commercial Property Liens (Mechanic’s Liens)

There will always be construction disputes. The usual problem is lack of payment.

Mechanic’s lien claims are complex. Let us take out the mystery and the hassle for you and make sure that your rights are protected with representation from an experienced Dallas mechanics liens lawyers.

Our practice areas and services include:

  • Advise on rights and remedies
  • Represent construction clients, property owners and general contractors, and subcontractors in legal matters
  • Prepare commercial property liens and bond claims
  • Defend commercial property liens and bond claims filed by others
  • Collect receivables
  • Negotiate with owners, sureties, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Handle disputes using negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation or a combination

We can make sure that your lien is filed and that it is effective. Liens can expire without being collected. We also are experienced in filing lawsuits to collect on the lien.

Lien Perfection and Enforcement

Most commercial property liens are never filed at all or are not filed in time to be effective. Do you have time to properly prepare a lien and file it in time? If you fail to prepare the lien correctly or if you fail to file it in time you will lose your lien rights. We can prepare and file the necessary notices and lien affidavits and make sure that they are done in time to be effective.

Lien Removal

Liens might be filed that disrupt payments from owner to contractor and from contractor to subcontractor. If a commercial property lien has been filed against your property or another party is claiming a lien as a result of having worked as a subcontractor or supplier, we can help you by evaluating the lien and removing the lien or work to satisfy the lien. If you need to contest a lien but need to be able to conduct your business without disruption in the meantime, we can assist you in “bonding around” liens.

Bond Claims

There are times when you might have the right to file a lien but you do have the right to make a claim against a bond. We understand the requirements for perfecting bond claims and can enforce a claimant’s rights or defend against an invalid claim.

Speak with a local Mechanics leins lawyer today by calling Bennet Weston at 214-691-1776 for legal advice about your rights.

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