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Real Estate Purchase & Sale Contracts

Real estate purchases can be the most expensive purchase many people make in their lifetime. Whether this is your first time dabbling in commercial real estate or you are a seasoned real estate investor, you know that buying and selling real estate is a daunting process! Finding a Dallas real estate property that meets your needs and budget is hard enough. If you and the other party in the transaction have agreed on a price, you are likely breathing a sigh of relief. The process is not over, however.

Ensuring that your real estate sales contract is fair and reasonable is equally essential. If you are in the process of purchasing real estate in Texas, out attorneys will draft and negotiate your real estate purchase and sales contract to ensure it benefits you legally and economically.

If You are Purchasing Real Estate in Texas, You Need an Experienced Attorney

When looking for a real estate attorney, it is wise to hire an experienced Dallas real estate attorney who will take a collaborative approach to resolve real estate purchasing issues. The lawyers at Bennett Weston have successfully guided many clients through the various stages of purchasing or selling commercial real estate, including:

  • Drafting or reviewing real estate sales contract agreements
  • Negotiating sales contract agreements
  • Reviewing the title commitment and remedying title issues
  • Assisting with due diligence, from reviewing and assessing tenant leases in a commercial office building to zoning of unimproved property
  • Advising on options and forming an entity to hold or operate real estate
  • Assisting with closing and working with the title company

Why You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney for Your Real Estate Purchase

Realtors are undoubtedly helpful when it comes to finding properties that match your preferences and needs, and with residential real estate purchases and sales, the Texas Real Estate Commission, or TREC, forms are more than adequate for your needs. However, the purchase and sale of commercial real estate is not as strictly regulated as the purchase and sale of residential real estate. Almost all aspects of a commercial real estate contract are negotiable and the seller is not required to make as many disclosures. An attorney will help you negotiate the purchase price, due diligence deliverables, representations and warranties, and other contract terms that can greatly impact the overall deal.

Additionally, real estate law can vary greatly from state to state, and our attorneys are licensed and educated in a number of states. They are able to answer all of your questions in a way that realtors cannot. Are you wondering whether the seller has to disclosure certain negative aspects of the property? Perhaps you have concerns about signing an “as-is” sales purchase agreement. Or, like many people, you may have a difficult time interpreting the legal jargon in the contract. Our real estate attorneys will gladly help you navigate the entire process and answer all of your questions along the way.

Dallas Commercial Real Estate Transaction Attorneys

If you are a business owner or you are in charge of handling commercial real estate transactions for your employer, Bennett Weston can help. We have years of experience helping commercial clients with the following common commercial real estate issues:

  • Purchase, Selling, or Leasing Commercial Property
  • Traditional Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Real Estate Mezzanine Financing
  • Restructuring
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Foreclosures
  • Section 1031 Exchanges
  • Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Mortgage Financing Issues

Our Attorneys are Experienced in Commercial Real Estate Litigation

The attorneys at Bennett Weston are also adept in the area of commercial real estate litigation. Should you need to take your commercial real estate legal challenge to court, our attorneys will skillfully and assertively fight for your interests at trial and throughout the entire legal process.

Contact an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

Hiring a skilled real estate attorney is an effective way to ensure that you get the most out of your real estate transaction. We keep your best interests at the forefront while assertively negotiating for your best interests on your behalf. Contact us today to request an appointment.

Do you need an attorney to purchase real estate?

Generally, when purchasing residential property, you do not need an attorney. On the other hand, if you are involved in a commercial real estate transaction, whether it is purchasing, selling, leasing, or management, an experienced real estate attorney is invaluable.

Do you need an attorney to draft sale contracts?

A real estate attorney will draft a contract in the best interest of his or her client. While the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) supplies form real estate contracts, form contracts do not advocate for your interests. It is always beneficial to have an attorney draft your contract, particularly if you are not experienced in real estate transactions or the other parties are represented by an attorney.

What do real estate attorneys do?

Real estate attorneys assist in all aspects of real estate transactions. A real estate attorney can be a valuable resource in the purchase and sale of real estate, leasing an office building, or managing property. Real estate attorneys can also resolve title issues, assist in acquiring financing for property, advise on property ownership questions and much more.

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