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Title Closing Attorney

Purchasing real estate is a significant commitment. Many Texans leave it to a realtor to handle the title closing process. Those with real estate purchasing experience understand that often, title closings come down to the wire.

Hiring a Texas title closing attorney will help your real estate purchase agreement proceed as smoothly as possible. Title companies cannot answer your legal questions; they merely conduct the title search. Attorneys, on the other hand, can do a thorough legal investigation for title defects and provide legal advice.

Texas Title Examination Attorney

Texas real estate law does not require real estate buyers to purchase title insurance when purchasing real estate. However, lenders typically require that the buyer purchase title insurance before they will approve financing.

Even if you have secured title insurance, it wise to hire one of the real estate attorneys at Bennett Weston to conduct a title search. If you are purchasing a property in Dallas county, we will use the Dallas County Clerk’s Office to perform a public records search. Using our legal knowledge, we will recreate the chain of title, which is a list of everyone who owned the property in question. Our attorneys will search out and carefully read each property deed to ensure that ownership of the real estate transferred without any legal problems.

Title companies cannot legally offer any legal advice should they find a problem with your title. If our attorneys see any gaps in ownership or title errors such as liens, questionable legal documents, or mortgages, we will discuss the issues with you. You may want to ask the seller to fix the problem or back out of the real estate deal altogether. Attorneys have more experience reading through deeds and understanding legal transfers than a title check company. If we find a restrictive covenant, for example, we can discuss what that means with you along with possible solutions going forward.

Expert Legal Document Review

Our attorneys provide a variety of real estate purchase services. Not only can we conduct your title search, but we can also review all of your real estate transaction documents. After making sure your closing documents represent your best interests, we will work hard to bring your transaction to a timely closing, ensuring that all funds are dispersed.

The Attorneys at Bennett Weston are Here to Help Your Texas Title Closing

Hiring an attorney to conduct a title investigation and close out your title process is often more cost-effective in the long run than hiring a title company. Many title companies overcharge, knowing that they will continue to receive referrals from their real estate agent.

If you are a buyer, we will review your purchase sales agreement and make sure that you are not paying a higher settlement fee than the purchaser. If you would like experienced real estate attorneys to help your title closing, Contact us today to request an appointment.

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