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Will Contests

Disputes over the validity of a will can be extremely contentious and divisive proceedings. Family members can become fierce enemies, and the harm to the relationships can sometimes be irreparable. During these difficult times, it is important that you have a strong advocate who can remain objective and stay focused on your best interests.

The estate planning attorneys at the Dallas-based law firm of Bennett, Weston, LaJone & Turner, P.C., represent heirs, trustees, executors, personal representatives and others in Texas will contest proceedings. They are compassionate in their approach, but steadfast in their commitment to obtaining a positive result for every client they serve.

Understanding Will Contests In Texas
In general terms, there are typically four grounds under which a will can be contested:

  • Undue influence: The testator was under the control or influence of another person, or was forced to sign a will that did not represent his or her true wishes.
  • Lack of capacity: The testator was mentally incapable of understanding what he or she was signing, or the impact of signing it.
  • Forgery or proof of conflicting wills: The court will need to make a determination as to which will is accurate.
  • Technical defects in the will: The will was not properly signed, witnessed or notarized, or if it was not in compliance with any other legal requirements.

In every case, the firm’s dedicated probate litigation lawyers present the most compelling possible case in support of their clients’ positions in the proceeding. Their substantial background in these matters allows them to develop customized strategies and build strong arguments that secure positive results for their clients.

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