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The decision to end a marriage is difficult. During this tough time, your divorce attorney may be the only one in your corner. You need a strong, caring ally: a divorce lawyer who will stand up for you, ensure you are treated fairly, and fight for you in court if that’s what’s needed. The skilled divorce attorneys at Bennett, Weston, LaJone & Tuner, PC have decades of experience handling divorces for clients. We have the expertise to handle every aspect of your divorce including custody and visitation issues, division of assets, QDROs, and any other family law concerns that you may have.

Divorce Privacy

The divorce decree is the final document, signed by the judge, that summarizes the terms of the divorce.  A divorce decree is not a private document between ex-spouses, but a public document that can be found and copied by anyone and in some places even accessed on-line. A divorce decree may contain a list of all of the assets and liabilities of both spouses. Do you want your business adversary, your neighbor, or a collection agency to be able to see a list of your assets and liabilities?

If you don’t, you can limit the disclosure of that information by entering into an Agreement Incident to Divorce, which is separate from the divorce decree, with your former spouse. This agreement provides for the division all of assets and liabilities without making all of your private financial information a public record.

Other elements of the divorce, such as stipulations and obligations agreed to by the divorcing parties, can be included in the Agreement.  (An example of such an obligation would be if one spouse agrees to pay off a debt incurred by both spouses using joint credit.) You may wish to include obligations like this in your Agreement Incident to Divorce to keep them private. Additionally, you may then sue your former spouse for breach of contract if they fail to meet any of their obligations in the signed Agreement.

If you need a divorce attorney in Dallas or Plano to file or respond to a divorce, assist you with divorce privacy issues, or if you need representation for breach of contract of Agreement Incident to Divorce, one of our experienced divorce attorneys can help.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment with a member of our well-qualified staff.

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