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Complex Family Disputes

Protect Your Family and Financial Interests

Divorce can not only cause tremendous amounts of personal stress, but it can take a significant financial toll on you and your family, as well. With more than 40 years of experience serving a number of high net-worth clients in Dallas and surrounding areas, Bennett Weston is prepared to aggressively represent your best interests before, during, and after divorce.

High Net Worth Divorce

Although the requirements to obtain a divorce in Texas may seem simple, the process is rarely straightforward. This is especially true in a high value divorce where the stakes are high and valuable assets and complex property issues are involved.

To be divorced in Texas, either spouse must have resided in the state for at least six months prior to filing for divorce and resided in the county where they file for at least 90 days prior to the filing. Texas laws governing asset division, alimony, and child custody are significantly more complex.

 Complex Property and Debt Division

When divorces involve complex, high-value assets, they can be very complicated. You want to ensure that you work with an attorney who regularly handles these types of cases.

Because Texas is a community property state, any assets acquired during marriage are to be divided between the divorcing spouses. All property possessed by the spouses at the time of the divorce is presumed to be community property, unless it can be shown to be separate property. This is where the battle can sometimes begin: argument can be made that certain property—even if technically acquired while married—should be considered separate property or inheritance; for example, if these assets were addressed in a pre- or postnuptial agreement. Some of these assets can include business interests, antiques, artwork, jewelry, collectibles, pensions, retirement assets, real estate, stocks, vehicles, and other property, as well as any potential hidden assets such as cryptocurrency.

Just as you should be concerned about asset division, you should also be concerned about marital debt and ensuring that you are protected after the divorce decree has been finalized. We can help.

Business Valuation for Divorce

When a business was started by one or both spouses during the marriage, valuing that business during divorce—and possibly dividing it—can become complicated and contentious. You want to make sure that you work with an attorney who understands the intricate process of business valuation.

Spousal Support and Contractual Alimony

Texas law provides for limited spousal support/alimony under some circumstances. In order to qualify, the spouse petitioning for alimony must demonstrate that they cannot afford to support their reasonable needs. In addition, a number of other factors are also taken into account.  If you are on either side of a spousal support demand, you will want to have a seasoned attorney on your team.

 Custody Disputes

Texas law, like many other states, bases child custody decisions (also known as “conservatorship”) on what is in the best interest of the child. Courts prefer for parents to file a parenting plan with their preferences as to custody and/or visitation, however, the court can decide on an arrangement, as well.

In highly contested divorces, where it can be difficult to reach an agreement on child custody matters, your choice of attorney is especially important.  Bennett Weston has the experience needed to fight aggressively for you and your family.

 Contact Bennett Weston for Complex Family Disputes

The lawyers at Bennett Weston have experience with the many, many complex issues that come with divorce when assets of significant value are involved.  His savvy, tenacity and financial acumen will allow him to pursue the most advantageous results possible for you. Contact us today to find out more.

When your family and future are at stake, you need an experienced lawyer who will fight for your rights. To make an appointment with a Dallas family law attorney, please call our office at (214)-691-1776 or contact us online.

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