The importance of trademarks for brand identity

The importance of trademarks for brand identity

Trademarks are very important for entrepreneurs who want to protect their brand. “Brand identity” can be difficult to define, but its importance to a company cannot be over-emphasized. This is particularly true with regard to consumer products. For example, how much business does McDonald’s get because its identity is well recognized through its name and identifying itsself by its colors, arches and McD? The only effective means to protect brand identity is through trademarks. Obtaining and protecting trademarks can the means to increase business and the value of a company by ensuring that no one else can present the same brand identity to customers.

When a company obtains trademarks, it is protecting its unique visual and verbal expressions. These intangible assets are crucial to the success of a company. These intangible assets influence the way that customers remember the company and how they think and feel about the company.

Before applying for trademarks, a company needs to carefully evaluate its strategies for growth and determine what intangible assets will advance the success of the strategies. Trademarking every possible thing is not feasible as most competitors will be utilizing the same things and too many trademarked items may just confuse consumers. Names, symbols and slogans are only effective when they are unique and memorable. Business founders should think about branding concepts that can be associated with their company alone.

During the business formation and planning stage of a business, an attorney may be able to help business founders to apply for trademarks. If a company was previously denied a trademark, an attorney may be able to help the company appeal the decision or apply for a different mark instead. An attorney may also help a company to enforce trademarks

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