How to Protect Your Commercial Real Estate from Squatters

How to Protect Your Commercial Real Estate from Squatters

For commercial real estate owners, squatters can be a significant nuisance. They can damage property, lower property values, and can even jeopardize your ownership rights. In certain circumstances, allowing squatters on your real estate property might even mean being forced to legally treat them as tenants and giving them notice for eviction, even if the squatters were trespassing. If squatters are allowed to occupy commercial real estate for too long, they could even adversely possess the land. To learn about your legal options for protecting your commercial real estate from squatters in the Dallas area, call or contact Bennett, Weston, LaJone & Turner to schedule an appointment today.

How to Keep Squatters Off Your Property

Commercial property owners have many options to keep squatters away. These options can apply to commercial real estate currently in use or empty. Not only does this protect your property value, it also keeps your property safe. The following are some options you have to protect your commercial real estate and keep squatters off your property.

  • Hire security: Hire a security firm to check on your property in person on a regular basis. The larger the building and surrounding land, the more security your commercial real estate needs.
  • Install security cameras: Use security cameras at every entry point to the property and throughout the commercial property. This can alert you if anyone enters the property uninvited. For small commercial properties, you may be able to install small, web-based cameras. For larger properties, you may need to hire a company to install a larger system.
  • Invest in locks and shutters: Every room on your commercial property should have its own locks and doors. Every room with windows should have bars or shutters to prevent squatters from entering the property. When trespassers destroy part of a structure to enter the commercial property, it gives the property owner a reason to call the police to have them removed.
  • Install alarms: There are many different types of alarm systems that commercial real estate property owners can install depending on the size of the real estate and their individual needs. Standard alarm systems will alert you if a door or window is opened. Higher end systems can send alerts if glass is broken or motion is detected in the building. Alarm systems that alert you to the presence of squatters or other intruders when you are not on the property can be critical to protecting it.

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Commercial real estate owners want to focus on the growth and success of their property investment, not worry about squatters breaking into their buildings and causing damage, devaluing the real estate, and creating dangerous conditions. To learn more about your legal options for protecting your real estate investment against squatters and other uninvited guests, call or contact the office of Bennett, Weston, LaJone & Turner in Dallas today.

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